Trade Show FAQ

For more information on our Tradeshow Shipping, visit our Tradeshow Service Page

Our core business is to provide transportation options to and from all major convention centers, secondary convention centers, hotels and business locations throughout the US. High Road also provides logistical planning solutions, pre-and post-show paperwork, storage facilities and the greatest team of friendly, knowledgeable trade show experts there ever was.

There is not a minimum size requirement; however, there is a minimum charge per shipment. Small packages less than 50 lbs. that are not time sensitive may be better served by a company specializing in small packages or a courier service.

A Material Handling Agreement is a form the exhibitor fills out for onsite services provided by the show contractor. There is a space on this form where you can designate High Road Logistics as your preferred carrier. If you have questions regarding your MHA, please feel free to ask any member of our friendly, knowledgeable trade show team.

As much as we love to hear your voice, calling is not necessary to schedule the return shipment. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable trade show experts will schedule the return shipment when the move in to the show is booked.

While High Road Logistics Group and High Road Exposition Services both have great names, both have locations in Massachusetts and are both in the trade show industry, our companies are not affiliated or related in any way.

Yes! Sales meetings, conferences, vendor meetings or demos – if there’s a shipment to be moved, we’ll move it.

Raw meat. We were asked to move and store hundreds of pounds of raw meat to the World Wide Food show for a client’s demonstration of their meat grinding equipment. While we were able to coordinate this shipment for the client, at the last minute they decided play dough would be a better option for a trade show floor demo.