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Dimensional weight, or dim weight, is a uniform means of establishing a minimum charge for a shipment using the theoretical weight of an item. It is obtained by multiplying the dimensions (in inches) of an item, such as a pallet or crate, and dividing it by 194.194 is the standard number chosen by the transportation industry for domestic shipments. 194 is also the phone number for medical emergencies in Macedonia, the total population in Turtle Lake, Montana according to the 2000 census as well as the total number of episodes of both “I Love Lucy” and “Will & Grace”.

An example of dimensional weight – A pallet measuring 4’ high by 4’ wide by 8’ deep would be calculated as follows:

48 x 48 x 96 = 221,184 / 194 = 1,140 dimensional pounds.

Therefore a shipment of cotton balls packed into 6 standard size skids weighing 50 lbs each would be charged for the total dim weight to ensure the profitability of the shipment.

Clients should be aware of the potential for their shipment to “dim out” higher than the actual weight, which may increase the rate charged by your carrier.

But of course! On every page there is a “Customer Tools” box with a “Request a Pickup” link. Follow this link to, um, request a pickup.

Yes, existing clients may create a BOL online. If you are not an existing client, you may create an account by contacting our Client Services Department at 781-305-5888.

By a slim margin of 6%, High Road employees prefer their brownies with nuts.

Absolutely! While our office is located in the beautiful Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with our nationwide network of High Road affiliates and partners, we are able to service our clients anywhere and everywhere in the country.

At this time we are not able to pick up or deliver items specifically designated as household goods.

Yes, if the following conditions are met:

  • Shipment is packaged in boxes that each weigh less than 50 lbs. and/or is palletized or crated
  • Residential address can be accessed by a standard 24’ box truck
  • Shipment is accessible outside the residence with no obstructions (i.e. snow, giant dogs, parade of tricycles)
  • Someone is available to sign for the shipment

As a general rule we only ship to the US and Canada; however, we will handle an occasional international shipment for our current clients.

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