Warehouse pallets on rack

Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution Solutions

High Road Logistics provides a full range of warehousing, fulfillment and distribution services that go beyond simple freight storage and shipping. Services for your projects and products are amped up to the next level with our unique solutions. Our warehouses in Franklin, TN (Nashville TN area) and Woburn, MA (Boston MA area) are enhanced with partner warehouses throughout the US. In addition to warehousing, product transportation options include everything from single pallet shipping to multi truck distributions.

We’re here to fulfill your fulfillment needs.

Services include:

  • Warehousing – local, regional or national
  • Inventory management
  • Floor space or racked storage options
  • Transportation, including
    • LTL
    • partial truckload
    • full truckload(s)
  • Debris removal
  • Display removal
  • Assembly
  • Inside pickup and delivery

Recognized as an industry leader, High Road Inc provides individualized fulfillment and distribution services to each client. Utilizing our exclusive onboarding process, we tailor our services to your needs to ensure your time is focused on your business and not on ours.

Where’s your Distribution Dilemma?

Clients ordering orders faster than a woodchuck chucks wood.

Penny pinching bean counters that don’t know if they should be pinching beans or counting pennies.

Either way they want you to move that freight. Faster. Smarter. Cheaper.

More pallets in your warehouse than there are toddlers in Disney World.

Shipping companies offering 86% discounts off of their 1993 rates. Or was it 93% discounts off of their 1986 rates?

Confusion. Chaos. Tension.

You have it.

We get it.

High Road’s 3PL services offer clients a sophisticated, reliable, cost-conscious solution to their fulfillment and distribution needs.

From basic, short term warehousing to a comprehensive multi-stage national product roll out, High Road’s Fulfillment and Distribution division offers each client a unique program designed to their specific needs.

Fulfillment: ready… set… call High Road.